The Opportunity

The Target Market, Size, and Opportunity

Women’s Health – A Departure Point
The trajectory of HLS’ current clinical study1 and in-vivo trials are around the acute condition called bacterial vaginosis (“BV”) of which 21 million women, between the ages of 15-49 suffer from each year. The market is estimated to be $1B and is further defined by medical treatment that are 35-70% effective and unfortunately, where significant misdiagnosis prevails. In other words, the opportunity for HLS’s spectrum solution approach is both large and timely.
BV generally involves systemic antibiotic treatment that typically causes secondary problems such as yeast infections and prospective complications from these common lend themselves to greater risk of STDs. Given the fact that 70% of women have at least one yeast infection and that over 40% suffer from multiple infections, HLS believes this is a meaningful place to introduce our spectrum solution approach.

Going Beyond Bacterial Vaginosis
Beyond the current BV focus, HLS intends on expanding its presence in the $5B women’s health market to leverage the spectrum solution’s natural science underlying efficacy, safety, clinical and consumer acceptance. HLS will eventually position itself in the even larger hospital acquired infection (HAI) market where in the US and Europe combined, there are nearly 125,000 annual deaths recorded resulting from all types of microorganisms including bacteria. Furthermore, the HAI problem has direct impact on patient readmissions and clinical outcomes – both of which have a negative financial consequence to healthcare organizations. In this regards, HLS can offer a preventive solution using our spectrum solution.

1Phase II study called “ABV3” – Topical antibiotic for combined treatment of chronic Bacterial Vaginosis and Yeast Infections.

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