Pipeline: Human Health Initiatives

Hennepin Life Sciences (HLS) has a lead technology that has completed preclinical development and is entering a Phase II clinical trial for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis. HLS also has several antimicrobial technologies that are currently being prepared to enter the clinical phase of development for the treatment of infections in humans including vaginal candidiasis, urinary tract infections and skin and soft tissue infections.
Area of FocusInfectious DiseaseClinical Product NumberStage of Development
Women's HealthBacterial vaginosis and candidiasisABV3Preclinical complete


Initiating Phase II trial
GenitourinaryUrinary Tract InfectionsAU1Preclinical

SBIR awarded to develop technologies to prevent urinary tract infections
DermatologicalSkin and Soft Tissue InfectionsAH2Preclinical