Setting the Stage for an Opportunity

Blockbuster Drugs Versus Super-Bugs
Antibiotics are one of the greatest success stories in modern medicine. Although we associate them with treating acute infections, they make much of modern care possible—from frequent chronic issues to routine surgical procedures and even organ transplants, antibiotics are a foundational piece of clinicians around the world. Yet the pipeline of new antibiotics is dwindling, and a global crisis looms. So called “super bugs” are on the rise in hospitals and communities and antibiotic-resistant bacteria may be tougher super bugs than previously thought: in a recent study, they appear to be “fitter” in general, meaning they survive better in the host and cause more deadly infections.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) more than 2 million people a year are sickened by resistant infections, and more than 23,000 die as a result.

So just when we need innovation the most, the number of new drugs to replace ineffective antibiotics is not adequate to meet patients’ needs. In fact, many major pharmaceutical companies have abandoned their investment in developing new antibiotics and instead are focusing their resources on medicines with the potential of producing greater profits. And while certain government programs have been established to incentivize manufacturers to care more about antibiotics than so-called “block-buster” drugs, super bugs appear to have the advantage.

Here is the Possible Solution

Spectrum Solution Beats Super Bugs
Founded in 2009 from a technology transfer out of the University of Minnesota, Hennepin Life Sciences (HLS) is a Phase 2 clinical-trial stage, Minnesota-based biotechnology firm that continues to develop a patented approach to address the global super bug challenge. Today, HLS continues to expand its product platform intellectual property, advance the practical science through clinical studies and is active forging distribution partnerships to initially reach clinical applications.

HLS’s platform is a paradigm shift focused on an antimicrobial strategy referred to in nonscientific terms, as a “spectrum solution”.

Not only is the spectrum solution approach highly relevant for the super bug era we live in, it has broad applicability in the human and animal health markets. Studies thus far have shown the HLS approach to safely kill bacteria, fungus and viruses while nearly eliminating bacterial mutations. This is subsequently why HLS is confident in eventually pursuing both broad markets such as the highly scrutinized hospital acquired infection (HAI) market and the more defined and rapidly growing women’s health category being shaped by millennial consumer expectations.


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